In celebration of International Women’s Day, today we’re talking the connection between veganism and feminism. Veganism is so deeply connected to the female body, yet the conversation is rarely had. I didn’t connect that so many female animal bodies were being taken advantage of, until after I had been vegan a few years. So today, we’re having the discussion, sharing 3 ways in which veganism and feminism relate to one another and why you should pay attention to them. Plus, listener Q’s on quick and healthy vegan snack suggestions, advice for new vegans eating out, and the debate between creating less waste and staying true to your veganism.

Mentioned on the Show:

Larabars- The perfect snack for on the go, made from real ingredients, tastes fantastic. The only downside is they are packaged, if you’re trying to create less waste there are many recipes for creating your own larbars from scratch. 

Rice Cooker: This is my fav mini rice cooker, if you’re living small or in a dorm room one of these would be great. You can make rice, quinoa, couscous, steam veggies, warm up canned beans, the opportunities are endless for how many ways you can use this tiny cooker.

Amy’s: This brand has a ton of vegan soups, frozen meals, and frozen pizza’s among other things. Each item is labeled ‘vegan’ on the ingredient list so there’s no guess work when trying to buy one of these quick meals. Great for last minute work lunches, dorm eating, and back up dinners to have on hand. 

Happy Cow: This app is like Yelp for vegans and vegetarians. Search an area, get real reviews and photos from people who ate at those resturants. It’s both an app and website for your convenience.  Perfect for new vegans and traveling vegans when you want to find new restaurant options.

Speciesism The Movie: I cannot recommend this documenarty enough. If you want to explore our bias towards animals, find out where it comes from, and why we’re so blind to it, this movie is for you. The movie explained so many thoughts I had but wasn’t able to articulate yet, which is super helpful if you’re stuggling on how to talk about your veganism.

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