Melanie, of Fit Momma, and I were having an offline conversation about making decisions that are somewhat in the ‘grey’ for vegans. So I asked her to co-host the pod for the day to help shed some light on the fact that we all struggle with grey decisions. We’ll give you 4 smart ways to get out of the grey and feel confident doing it. Plus, listener Q’s on human welfare as a vegan, avoiding hidden animal products in processed foods, and a great listener tip for going vegan.

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4 Smart Ways to Get Out of the Grey:

1. Do Your Research: Whether looking for cruelty free courier handbags, chocolate that is made in ethical ways, or a new vegan supplement, you always need to check multiple resources, read everything you can from credible sources. Sometimes there is a black and white answer you weren’t aware of, ie. honey, that will solve your ‘grey’ issue quickly. Other times there is research or info that can help inform your decision making.
* is always a great place to check for science based facts about health and nutrition.

2. Weigh Your Comfort Level: Check in with your self, how do you really feel about the issue? Are there any lasting effects of the decision? Decide where you stand comfort-wise now that you’ve done the research.

3. Think About the Demand: Does your action drive up demand for animal products? Will buying the packaged cookies with eggs and milk put pressure on the egg and dairy industry? Do those leather shoes you’ve owned forever create a future demand for leather or do you feel comfortable wearing them till they wear out?

4. Free Yourself From Judgement: Remember that you don’t need to share your decisions and thinking with anyone but yourself. Let go of peer pressure, you only need to validate your answers to yourself. Even if someone is asking ‘hey, why don’t you eat meat?’, you don’t need to share if you don’t feel comfortable. It’s your decision to make.

Mentioned on the Show:

?Melanie’s previous episode, ‘How to Conquer Vegan Holidays

?Forks Over Knives Documentary

?Speciesism The Movie

?Mark Devries Producer & Director of Speciesism on the Pod (Look at how old this episode thumbnial is!)

?60 Second Videos from Peta I highly recommend watching at least one of these.

?Accidentally Vegan Foods, did you know Hershey’s Syrup is accidentally vegan? This is a good ‘accidentally vegan’ list from Buzzfeed to reference too.

?Cronometer, track nutrition not calories

Plus, a great listener comment about thrifting for less waste on Instagram this week:

  • andrelle.caron I’m not much of a shopper, but when I do I love going thrifting. On top of being better for the environment, I think the pieces are so much more unique and have more personality!

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