Today is the 100th Episode of the pod! Yayyy! Today’s special episode is an FAQ episode, covering how to get started, how to communicate your lifestyle, even how to keep it interesting. The special part is that all the FAQ’s are answered by previous podcast guests. The Colorful Kitchen’s Ilene, Alli Cherry, Amanda of Mama Eats Plants, and more share their answers to your most commonly asked questions. Plus, a giveaway to celebrate 100 freakin’ episodes! (If you listen you’ll know why I had to say freakin’ in there!)

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride we’re calling Live Planted, so glad you’re here with me.

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Pod’s included in today’s show in the order you heard them:

1.#89 Cole Imperi talking about the ‘big voice, little voice’ concept that is so relevant to all aspects of our lives not only veganism but being true to yourself in all areas.

2. #58 Alli Cherry on how to communicate effectively when you aren’t sure how to talk about your new, exciting, and/or passionate views.

3. #88 Ilene Godofsky Moreno sharing how valuable eating with your eyes is in making your meals more interesting every day. *This is great for people who say ‘how can you eat plants all day every day?’

4. #63, Alyssa sharing the real deal on collagen because there’s so much marketing, mystery, and hype behind this internet sensation. *Episode #51 also talks more in-depth about collagen if you’re still looking for me.

5. #95 Casey Hill on vegan sadness, it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s something so many people suffer with but aren’t sure how to talk about or move on from. Casey gives some great coping mechanisms in one of our most popular episodes. (See you’re not alone!)

6. #97 Amanda of Mama Eats Plants on how to make a HUGE lifestyle change sustainable. She shares how her initial shift to zero waste didn’t stick and how she looped back around to make it work for her lifestyle. Then she gives you tips on where to make that initial jumping off point.

Honorable Mentions:

These pod’s didn’t fit the 100th episode format but deserve some love as well. We’ve covered so many topics in the show from self-love, to zero waste, that I don’t want you to miss anything.

-Ep 58 answered the VERY popular question on how to quit cheese.
-Ep 96 started the first in the ‘Necessary or Not‘ series with cleanses & detoxes, but are they actually necessary?
-Ep 98 received a lot of messages after it aired, with so many people saying the ‘stop saying sorry for your lifestyle’ message really hit home.
-Likewise, Ep 93 on talking to vegan skeptic friends had a good reaction after it aired. Communication is one the #1 barriers for people after they go vegan.
-Ep 86 covered pre-veganism with, ‘8 things I wish I knew before going vegan‘.

Mentioned on the Show:

50th Episode Special – Way back when we did a 50th episode recap, the pod has come a longg way since then. Go back to listen to that throwback recap of the first 50 episodes.

➜Plant Pure’s Live Planted mention in ‘10 Plant-Based Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist’. 

➜VegNews Magazine article of ‘The Hit List: Vegan News VegNews Editors Can’t Get Enough Of’ featuring the pod!


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