A few years ago there was a huge movement pushing women to stop apologizing. We as vegans have taken on this line of ‘I’m sorry’s’, apologizing in situations we feel uncomfortable or to smooth things over. Today I’m talking about why saying sorry often comes along with feeling guilty and how we can escape that mentality with a few simple language swaps. Plus, answering listener questions: how to shop bulk without being charged for the jars, how to feel comfortable eating out at non vegan restaurants, and all about that infamous Arby’s ad that’s floating around the vegan community.

I want to hear what is the weirdest thing in your fridge and what’s something you never go without in your fridge? Comment here or over on instagram and tell me a little about why it’s in your fridge or what you use it for and you may be on the February 20th episode with Lauren Toyota.

If you want an easy swap for plastic bulk bags, you can buy reusable bulk bags to save the one time use plastic bags.  Both options are washable, reusable and will last for years. Want to know more about plastic & what it’s doing to our earth, check out this article.

1. Simple Ecology Bulk Bags are a great option that many zero wasters recommend, including last week’s guest Amanda of Mama Eats Plants
2. Earth Junky bags come with multiple sizes of both bulk and mesh produce bags, so you’re set for the bulk bins & produce section

Mentioned on the Show:

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Pittsburgh VegFest 

Canvas Pouch I use for my to-go silverware. 

➜How & why to bulk bin shop episode of the pod

Ilene Godofsky Moreno of The Colorful Kitchen on re-joining social situations after removing herself when going vegan.

The infamous Arby’s Ad see the responses and comments here.

➜Processed Meats as a Class 1 Carcinogen.

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