When I stumbled upon Amanda of Mama Eats Plants during one faithful Instagram bender, I knew immediately I wanted to share her with you guys. She’s both a normal mom and a zero waste goddess all at the same time and she somehow makes it look easy. Amanda is breaking down how to make zero waste sustainable, why plastic is a problem, and how to get kids involved with a lifestyle switch. Plus, you asked and I listened, all things vitamins and supplements, things like those from Quantum Health and similar services. I’m answering your Q’s on what supplements you actually need as a vegan. Supplements are brilliant for health and you can also reap other benefits such as glycine for sleep, please see below to hear my advice.

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1. Save plastic with reusable Simple Ecology Bulk Bags 2. Jovial Pasta boxes are compostable, even the ‘plastic’ looking window is made from recycled wood plup & is compostable 3. Mason Jars are good for storing leftovers and bulk foods, among many other uses 4. Swag Bags keep Amanda’s greens crispy long after they are purchased 5. Pyrex Bowls are another multi use item, use them in the fridge to keep produce or leftovers without plastic

Mentioned on the Show:

?Vitamin & Supplement Blog Post

?Valentines Giveaway happening Feb 9-11 2018. Win two Live Planted Stickers, LP Enamel Pin, and some of my favorite ‘treat yo’ self’ items for a Valentine’s self-love celebration over on Instagram.

?Here’s the B12 I take.

?The Science Behind Collagen Episode

?Oregano Oil Capsules

?Green Pharmacy Natural Remedies Book or a newer version of the same book

?Bea Johnson: A Zero Waste Home, the book that kicked off Amanda’s interest into the zero waste lifestyle.

?The Pacific Garbage Patch: plastic trash swirling in our ocean.

?A Plastic Ocean Documentary

?What Amanda’s kids eat in a day

Here’s Amanda’s 9-year old daughter’s breakfast, complete with homemade tangerine juice.

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