Cleanses and Detoxes- Necessary or internet myth? Today we’re debuting the new segment ‘Necessary or Not’, where I examine practices to determine if they are necessary or just a passing trend. Today we’re tackling the ever present cleanses and detoxes the internet is always raving about. To cleanse or not to cleanse? Plus, backyard chickens- are they kosher for vegans? And a feel-good documentary about animal human relationships that I would 10/10 recommend.

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➜I made the quote ‘Stumbled Upon Vegan’ shared with us into a downloadable phone background. It’s such a beautiful message I thought it would be nice to carry around or print out. There’s both a pink or a light blue version, whatever fits your fancy.
Download: Pink Version
Download: Blue Version

Whats Wrong with Eggs?

Mental Health Episode with Casey Hill- link to contact Casey here, if you have any private mental health questions she is more than happy to help

Kedi- Doc  (Trust me, this doc is not just for cat lovers!)

Forks over Knives

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