Keeping your enjoyment intact is hugely important when going vegan and creating a lifestyle you’re happy to wake up to every day is basically the holy grail. If you’re miserable, veganism isn’t working for you. Thankfully, there are many ways to make veganism work in your life. So this week, Ryan Lay, a professional skateboarder for Etnies & Welcome Skateboards shares how and why he keeps being vegan fun. We also talk the importance of not passing judgment on others and Ryan shares how a big corporation felt about supporting his vegan shoe line. Plus, this week’s listener questions on how to get tofu crispy and what to eat when you’re vegan and gf.

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A little peek into Ryan’s kitchen and his vegan shoe, the Jameson Hightop, complete with vegan suede.

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2 thoughts on “#095 Professional Skateboarder Ryan Lay on How to Keep Veganism Enjoyable for the Long Term”

  1. One of my viewers recommended your podcast, and I’m so glad I took the time to listen to this episode! I’ll definitely be recommending this episode in an upcoming video- I absolutely loved listening to your reaction to the dad telling his kids about veganism – and throwing natural hygiene into the mix as if it were the same thing! It made me laugh because it’s so true. And I love the idea that basically just being yourself – and vegan – is the best way to spread the message. The more different kinds of vegans we get entering the movement and sharing their stories, the easier it will be for non-vegans to be able to say we’re “just like them.” Best wishes for your podcast and blog!

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