The decision to go vegan is one of those life-changing choices, and mental strain can go hand in hand with the decision for many people. Today Casey Hill licensed professional counselor and therapist, who also happens to be vegan, is on the show giving you tools for feeling your feelings. I know, it sounds weird, but I promise it’s super helpful! We’re talking how and why to conduct ‘mood maintenance’ even when you’re in a good space, how little moments of mindfulness add up, and why you should take a break from looking at vegan information. Plus, answering listener questions about what a balanced vegan diet looks like and how to find the best vegan winter gear.

Casey hiking with her husband Kyle on our last group camping trip of the year this past September.

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Mentioned on the Show:
Live Planted in VegNews Magazine!
LP Merch
The truth about down also see this video
The truth about wool also see Bite Size Vegan’s piece on wool
The faux down jacket I wear & love
The faux down jacket my husband wears
➜The womens version of the North Face Thermoball
J Crew Camp Socks
➜I get all my herbal knowledge for supplements, sickness, and immunity from this book

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