You have heard a lot about changes coming around here, well halleluiah it’s finally here! A lot has been happening behind the scenes and I wanted to bring you up to date because we’re on this podcast journey together.  As you can imagine a lot has evolved since the pod first started almost TWO years ago, yet the visual aspect of the show was still the same. I’ll share all the behind the scenes of the new ‘eyeball’ logo, tell you all about the new merch, what charity goes with your merch purchases, and what to look forward to in the new year. Plus, I’m adding a new segment where I quickly answer some listener questions. This week, I’m starting with a hard ball: Can your pets be vegan?


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Full process of the LP eyeball evolution Blog Post.

Mentioned on the Show:
Peta on ‘Vegetarian Cats & Dogs’
HCH’s Vegan Dog Food
LA Dog Shelter Going Vegan
Sanctuary Brewing LP Episode
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