What I thought would be a regular Friday morning listening to a local speaker talk, turned out to be a ‘life-affirming’ event. So this week I’m sharing Cole Imperi with you in hopes that she leaves you feeling as inspired and charged as she left me that Friday morning. Cole, a thanatologist, talks us through listening to the ego vs your true self & why it’s important. Plus, how to ACTUALLY live in the present with actionable tips that aren’t ‘far out’ at all. If you leave this pod with anything, take Cole’s life philosophy, “Do what you can with what you have”, and apply it today.

Before the interview today I answer a question from one of you guys, ‘how to get off of cheese’. I’ll tell you why it probably hasn’t worked when you tried to kick the dairy in the past and the trick to making it stick with zero cravings.

Life, Death, & Tarot Pod

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