As fall and winter descend the feeling of change is in the air. I wanted to share my tips on how to successfully challenge yourself. We’re talking both big and small changes on the podcast today. Everything from being more grateful to fully transitioning to vegan. I’m sharing how to follow through with your change without having to feel like you’re killing yourself.

Plus, I’m sharing what I learned from a 5-day van camping trip – what a trip it was. From having to sit in the van for most of the travelling, to sleeping in the van and even having to look at batteries for rvs because the battery nearly died, it was one hell of a trip! I’m also going to share everything from the vegan camping menu to zero waste travel tips. I dig into the notion of living lives expected of us to living fulfilling lives that make you feel whole, even if they don’t fit the ‘normal’ mold. It’s a deep one!

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