Travel is one of the biggest concerns people have when going vegan.  Today we’re talking about multiple types of travel with Wendy of Nomadic Vegan.  Wendy explains how to communicate with non English speakers, it’s an easy trick anyone can literally pull out of their pocket. We talk about navigating trips with non vegan travel partners, and how Italy, famous for its meats and cheeses, is actually much more vegan friendly than you think.

In the first half I share all the details and future plans with my new off grid, stealth, camper van.  I’m living the weekend van life, find out how it will effect this podcast.  Have you ever heard of van life? Do you think we’re nuts for traveling around in a van? Let me know over on instagram.

Here’s the van with the pop top down on our first trip on the 4th of July weekend. On the way to our destination we saw this HUGE American flag on the side of the highway. On the way back we stopped off, blasted the music and jumped around for a few fun photos in our new adventure mobile. Adventure!

We took it out for a ‘tester’ trip to see how cooking and sleeping went. I’m happy to report it was awesome, even more awesome than I thought it would be.  The only issue was I forgot bowls so I ate my taco salad out of a sauce pan, haha. Many trips and vegan travels to come (with bowls this time).  Hear what I’m planning and how it will translate to the podcast in today’s episode.

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Share the podcast with a friend who’s traveling this summer, we’re on both iTunes & Soundcloud.  The more people know about this podcast the more free content I can push out every week.

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