Today I am proposing a new summer challenge & I have my oldest friend in the world on the show to talk about it.  Liz & I are always dreaming & always brainstorming, so when we were trying to figure out how to make the most out of this summer we came up with a little challenge. Saying your goals out loud, and working in a group has a much better success rate than working alone. So I’m opening this challenge up to all of you guys too. #HotSummerGoals

Plus, I’m sharing my new anthem from a song that went viral, an internet hyped food that’s actually worth the hype, & something that REALLY surprised me from my vegan facbook group.

Hot Summer Goals Challenge:
  1. Find something that’s sucking up your time- i.e. watching youtube, scrolling the internet, drinking, etc.
  2. Eliminate it from your day- challenge yourself to do without it for the week or month so you’re not spending your time doing mindless activities
  3. Do productive things during the time you would normally be scrolling youtube- work on a passion project, better your cooking skills, go vegan. Find something you want to improve to try out and doing it during this time you saved from your non productive activity.
  4. Do fun things in your extra time- now that you’re using your time wisely you should have extra time.  Its summer, the best time to get outside and do fun activities.  Since you’re not wasting time mindlessly scrolling the internet you can get your stuff done and still have time for a hike or time with your friends.
Basically get stuff done & move it along to more fun activities. Spend less time not being present & productive in your daily life, accomplish a goal and have more time for fun.

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