I’ve finally found the right person to talk about Raw Veganism in practical terms, Marina Yanay-Triner of Soul in the Raw! So this week we’re talking keeping it easy in the kitchen while still making lots of your own food, Marina shares her fav appliances- including one you might have overlooked, & why it’s powerful to be able to cook for yourself. Plus I share an unlikely documentary that really inspired me & how I’m mixing turmeric into my morning routine.

Marina’s Tips For Keeping it Practical in the Kitchen:
-Prepare grains, beans & cooked veggies on the weekends to save time during the week
-Make sauces, dressings & dips on the weekends- portion out & freeze for the week
-Use frozen veggies to save time
-Have ‘go to’ meals & change them up with sauces & ingredients to keep things interesting week after week
-Use pre-washed spring mix rather than lettuce to save time chopping & washing
-Save time on veggie chopping with the food processor (I use this one.)
-Have fruit readily available for quick, healthy snacking
-Smoothie bowls make an excellent meal becasue they are quickly prepared & nutrient dense

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