Alli Cherry is the type of person who can make even zero waste seem approachable. Born and raised in California, she’s known for her self titled youtube channel about natural living, sustainable fashion, and creating less waste.  I discovered her beautiful videos and became reinvigorated with the zero waste movement. I wanted to bring this zero, or less waste, topic to the podcast to celebrate Earth Day.

I had an a-ha moment while watching Alli, that zero waste practices don’t have to be so extreme. Whoa! So this week in celebration of Earth Day I wanted to bring Alli on to talk about practicing a ‘less waste’ lifestyle and disengaging from the disposables that are cluttering our planet. Alli shares the ‘first four’ method of starting zero waste and what items she considers ‘must haves’.  Plus, I share why I decided to talk about creating waste rather than focus on animal agriculture for Earth Day.

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Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home

I hope you guys had an awesome Earth Day and learned something new from this episode! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway over on Instagram.

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