Today I’m answering one of your questions, “If a company makes both vegan and non-vegan products, is it okay to buy from them?”  (Peep the full question below.) We’ve all asked ourselves the very same question, ‘is it okay to support these non vegan companies?’  You wonder if your money is going straight to animal testing, are your dollars helping this company do cruel things you don’t support?

Since we’re all about logical and practical around here, I have a few practical points to support whether I think you should or shouldn’t buy from these companies. I think I’ve finally answered the question in full.  Do you agree with me? Think I’m totally wrong? Discussion is welcomed around here.

Plus I end the show with a new segment where people tell us where they listen to the podcast. It’s pretty interesting to see all the different ways people enjoy the podcast. If you want to be featured in an upcoming podcast, tell me where you listen or even send me a photo! (Who knows it could end up in the episodes show notes or in the instagram feed!)

I hope this episode helps you sort out your opinions on buying from, and supporting non vegan companies.

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