Tonya is the very first non vegan guest to ever be on the show! I’ll explain in detail why I thought this was a good idea on today’s episode.  Do you agree with me?

Today Tonya Papanikolov of ‘The Well Woman’, a yoga teacher, and certified nutritional practitioner, is on the show. We talk about mindfully slowing down, finding balance in today’s ‘hustle-heavy’ world, and why it can be hard to set boundaries for ourselves. Plus of course we throw some ‘girl power’ talk in there.

In today’s society we expect to have it all, to wake up and love ourselves, to fit everything in and arrive at happiness. This simply isn’t possible without effort, practice and a whole lot of patience.  I’m a firm believer that these things take time and a little bit of a ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude. We don’t run marathons without training, why would you expect to arrive at happiness without some training? Both are a destination, we just place more value on training for the marathon running. Hear some ways to practice being mindful on today’s episode.

What are some ways you practice mindfulness? Do you have a set morning routine to kick off your day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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