Together Amy and Billy started the Cleveland chapter of the Save Movement, the Cleveland Farmed Animal Save. They are two of the kind souls who dedicate their time to expose what the animal agriculture industry doesn’t want you to see, working to connect the disconnect between animals in farms and photos and animals on our plates. Recently Amy & Billy came back from bearing witness at Anita Krajnc, of Toronto Pig Save’s, final court date. This duo does all of this with love and positivity, citing a strict ‘non violent’ stance in their work.

Photos from a recent Cleveland vigil & a Toronto Pig Save Event.

In this episode Amy & Billy share their experience with Anita’s ‘pig trial’, how they work to chisel away at the idea that animals are property, and their response to Gary Francione’s opinion that save movements aren’t helpful to veganism.  Plus they give some helpful advice on why a non violent approach can deescalate any situation.

Find Cleveland Farmed Animal Save here:
Worldwide Save Movement
List of Save Movement locations around the world

Mentioned on the Show:
Anita Krajnc’s Trial in the news

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