Olympia Auset is a doer and a creator, she is the type a person who takes action.  So when Olympia saw that there was an issue getting fresh produce to the people in her city of LA she took action. Olympia created SÜPRMARKT, a low cost organic grocery store that serves low income communities in LA.  She has also created, Light The Launch, a media company that aims to bring positivity and education to the internet.  Olympia has all of these projects under her belt and is still in her mid 20s.

In this episode Olympia shares her best advice for saving money on food, how an experiment in a study group caused her to go vegan, and we discuss what the internet as a place has to do with your mental state.  Plus we throw in some positivity and avocado talk in there.

Find Olympia Auset here:
SÜPRMARKT on Instagram
Olympia on Twitter
Light the Launch Media Company

Mentioned on the Show:
➜Ep #041 Money Saving tips for the grocery store: https://soundcloud.com/liveplanted/041-vegan-on-a-budget-how-to-save-money-on-a-plant-based-diet
➜Volunteer for SÜPRMARKT: http://suprmarkt.la/support/

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2 thoughts on “#051 Olympia Auset of SÜPRMARKT on her Mission of Fresh Produce for All”

  1. Your interview with Olympia Auset was amazing. I’m so impressed with her, her vision, her enthusiasm. Because of her, for the first time in a few months, I feel real hope for our country. I’ll donate to her cause.

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