Emilie and I met (virtually) because she won one of my December giveaways.  After that we messaged back and forth a few times.  When she asked to be on the podcast I thought, yes! Great fit for the show, she has great food, a good message behind it, and she’s a lady entrepreneur. (I’m a total sucker for a good girl boss!) It wasn’t until my deep research that I realized how impressive Emilie is.

It takes a certain person to be vulnerable online, to lay out their faults and say they’ve learned from them.  To say here’s how I’ve overworked myself, lost too much weight, and got way too little sleep and here’s how I’m working to fix it. That sort of self realization is hard for anyone, let alone someone who is only 20!  I’m truly inspired by Emilie, her realness and emotional maturity shines through in her work and in her words.

Show Notes

In some ways Emilie of Emilie Eats is your typical college student, super busy, fitting in a little bit of everything, making it all work. In other ways she is not.  Emilie is 20 years old running a successful vegan recipe blog.  She is self aware beyond her years, noting that she has fallen into the perfectionist mindset of trying to eat perfectly ‘clean’. Saying that instagram and youtube can put unrealistic body image ideas into your head, and you need to put those negative thoughts aside.  This sort of mindfulness that Emilie has, being cognizant of media influenced thinking and knowing when to step away, is inspiring.

In this episode Emilie shares why she thinks veganism & minimalism go hand in hand, we talk about why people have mistaken thoughts about what a vegan body looks like, and Emilie shares her secret to eating vegan with a busy schedule.

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