I choose every guest on the show because they inspire me and I think they will inspire you too. The whole point of the podcast is to talk to different people, showing that veganism comes in all forms, there isn’t one right way to do it.  Timothy is super inspiring because he is a true plant lover through and through.  He grew up in Mississippi, spending time surrounded by plants and has morphed that love of plants into his career. I agree with Timothy that we need to reconnect with our food, be more curious on where it came from and how it came to be on your plate. Even if you’re not into foraging, or you don’t even know what it is (Timothy explains in the episode) I think this episode will inspire you.  Plus don’t say you can’t forage because you don’t live in the country, Timothy was doing it in Brooklyn!

There’s more to this episode than just wild food, it’s about being inspired by your ingredients, geeking out at the farmers market, and bringing joy to what you’re putting on your plate. I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes

There is a certain type of person who can show off hunting for what some call weeds and make it look super fun and inspiring. Timothy Pakron is just that type of person. Born and raised in Mississippi, he is known as Mississippi Vegan through his ever popular instagram. Timothy is a jack of all trades if you will, with a degree in the arts and a love of plants he has merged his passions into food styling, food photography, and recipe creation as a chef. Whether he’s foraging for wild food, traipsing around the farmers market, or jamming to music in his apartment he makes it all look fun.

In this episode Timothy shares his number one tip for people who ask ‘I’m going vegan, what now?’, how to avoid misidentification while foraging, & how wild foods have changed his views on cooking and food. Plus this foraging king gives all his best tips on how to get started hunting for wild foods.

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