Erin has been on the podcast a couple of times before and she always comes with a full, printed out, highlighted, marked up outline for each show. She’s organized to a whole other level. I knew she was the perfect person to talk New Year’s resolutions with me.  She’s one of those people that accomplishes so much in their life you almost can’t believe it.  Erin is a registered nurse, a dietitian, and is constantly learning and conquering more qualifications in and out of her nursing field.  As always, she comes to the podcast with a lot of knowledge to share.

Along with Erin, I’m a goal person, a goal-gal, if you will. I love setting small and large intentions.  Really I think it’s the challenge of seeing if I can really accomplish these marks I’ve set for myself that makes it so intriguing. That feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding.  To be able to say ‘I did it, I made it happen’, is one of the best feelings ever.

I’m a bit unconventional, so in the episode I talk about how taking a short time to be grateful everyday helps me to feel more successful in my goal setting.  I can’t tell you enough how much being intentional about gratefulness has helped me. How passing on kindness has led to a more confident me. I want to pass that good feeling on to you guys.

Goal setting, resolutions, intention-setting, whatever you want to call it, is near and dear to my heart so I hope you guys enjoy this episode. I put my heart into it (get it??) so make sure and tell me you love it… just kidding just go listen!

Show Notes

Some say resolutions aren’t for them, others embrace them with open arms. Whatever your stance on New Years resolutions this episode will help you develop strategies to accomplish your goals. However big or small you can make it happen with a little bit of prep work.

Fan favorite, Erin Sisson, RN, dietitian, organization extraordinaire is back on today’s episode. Erin explains ‘SMART’ goals and how they can help you organize your goals so they can actually happen. She even shares what SMART goal she’s set for herself. We talk about what to do if you go off the rails while trying to complete your resolutions. Plus how kindness and gratefulness can help you accomplish your goals.

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