Sarah Lemkus is a New Zealand mamma who shares her adventures in eating, child raising, and everyday life on her youtube channel and blog. She makes motherhood look easy, but she was once afraid she wouldn’t be able to conceive due to PCOS (polycystic ovaries). After researching the impact of food on hormones Sarah went vegan. The funny thing is she became vegan and pregnant in the same short bit of time. Realizing that a vegan pregnancy is possible and even healthier for the baby, shes stayed vegan ever since. Beth, her sweet baby girl, is now two and thriving on a plant based diet.

In this episode Sarah shares why her teen years of dieting in the modeling industry where detrimental, cravings during her vegan pregnancy, & all about supplementing- should you or shouldn’t you? Plus this smoothie queen shares her favorite smoothie ingredients and how to sneak nutrients in for a toddler.

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