For this episode my husband Eric joins the conversation. Since we’re all just voyeurs at heart, wanting to know what other people are doing, I thought I would fill you in on how we do the holidays. I didn’t want to give a bunch of tips- do this, don’t do that, because I already have ep28 for that. I wanted to tell you what we really do for the holiday season. We’ve been vegan for 4 years, we’re working on our minimalism, and I’m an introvert, so we’ve got a lot going on.

In this episode you’ll get the low down on how we do gifting, parties, food, travel, and alone time. Hear about Eric’s theory on baking if you’re an unconfident baker, what our minimalist alternative to gift giving is (hint we’re still participating), and the famous sugar cookie mystery. It was a really fun episode to make so I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas for your holiday out of it.

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