One of the biggest myths about going vegan is that it’s expensive. Well, it is simply not true.  Compare the cheapest cuts of meat, such as ground round, on average it’s $3 a pound and up.  In contrast, dried beans cost on average $1 per pound.  Rice and potatoes are both less than $1 per pound. A 10lb bag of potatoes costs $1.99 total at my grocery store, that equals 19 cents a pound. Even if you’re a vegan who buys more convenient, pre-packaged goods you can still save money compared to someone who loads up on the animal goods.

In this conversation we’re only talking money, we’re not adding in the extra factors like health care costs, irreversible environmental strains, as well as the lives of millions of animals.  No matter the monetary savings, each year a vegan saves more than 100 lives. If you’re still debating on going vegan because of cost, know that you can do it on a budget big or small.

In this episode you’ll find 4 main ways to save, including practices to put into place that help you save big. The more you practice something the more it becomes a habit, before you know it you’ll be saving money all over the place. Lets continue the conversation on Twitter, if you have a money saving tip tweet it to me @LivePlanted.

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