When I scheduled Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan to be on the show I knew her from her great recipes.  The simplicity of her dishes drew me in.  Any dish with only a few ingredients that sounds as good as ‘gram cracker granola‘ has got my eye. She’s also been named one of the top vegan instagramers to follow by Huffington Post, and one of the top vegan youtubers by Nutriciously. So she’s killing it in the socials spreading the vegan word.  The thing I didn’t realize until doing my show prep was that she came from a background of disordered eating.  The girl who now spreads self love, was once on the opposite side of lens.

This is precisely why I love doing the podcast. Every time I go to interview a guest I’m amazed at the interesting and different lives they live. Each person is coming from a different speaking point, a different background, a different part of the world.  Yet each person is working to spread the same message- veganism is worth doing and you can do it. I’m working to spread that message too, and I’m so thankful to be able to talk with such great people each week. I sincerely hope you enjoy my conversation with Jasmine.

Show Notes

Jasmine Briones is the recipe creator and sunny personality behind the blog ‘Sweet Simple Vegan’. She’s been named as one of the top vegan instagram accounts you should be following by Huffington Post, and has had her recipes featured on Buzzfeed, Forks Over Knives, and the like. Beyond great recipes she’s a advocate of self love and taking charge of your health, as she comes from a disordered eating past.

In this episode Jasmine shares the interesting way she came to veganism and how its totally different from her current approach, why being alone is important, and how using ingredients you’re already familiar with can help you become a better cook.

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