Sean and I met at a veg fest earlier this fall. He was so positive and outgoing that I just knew I had to have him on. Plus he works for a company that is doing great things! It’s interesting to talk to different people, presenting different points of view each week. Last week we had on Will of Potato Strong talking about losing weight with a whole foods diet. This week we’re talking with Sean about vegan mayonnaise and ice cream. It really goes to show that living a cruelty freestyle can be done any number of ways. There’s something for everyone.

Vegan Outreach is trying to reach people with this message that making compassionate choices is for everyone. It really is for everyone- you can eat everything your heart desires without the cruelty. Vegan Outreach is thinks ideas like meatless Mondays and ‘partial’ vegans are positive. They say every little bit counts. And you know what? I agree! Every time you sit down for a meal you’re making a conscious decision to save lives with your plate. Every time we encourage someone else to make one meal or one day compassionate it’s a win.

Show Notes

Today’s guest Sean Hennessy is the Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator for the company Vegan Outreach. Vegan Outreach was founded to move society away from eating animals and their products. Sean has a very impressive resume, which he is humble about when I ask him in the episode. Since he’s humble I’m going to lay it out for you. It includes a masters degree in agricultural and applied economics, working at the American embassy in South Africa and doing research there as an agricultural specialist, plus volunteer work for animal advocacy. Impressive!

In this episode Sean shares how he found a path to a vegan career, what support program for new vegans Vegan Outreach started that others have now copied, & diversity in the plant based realm.

Inspired to help? There is a Team Vegan Fundraiser which you could get involved with or, alternatively, why not hold your own? You can find some fundraising ideas at Further to that, Vegan Outreach has leafleting internships available during fall and spring semesters which you could sign up for.

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