Sometimes when people lose weight it’s all others notice.  Will Kriski of Potato Strong has lost of lot of weight from living a vegan, whole foods, oil free lifestyle. It’s a huge accomplishment and something a lot of others want to emulate.  The thing with Will is he also shares other valuable information on his socials for people not looking to slim down.  He has workout information, he talks about his garden, he shares recipes you can keep in the archives and eat whenever, and he covers sanctuaries and other institutes that help animals.

On the show today we covered weight loss and nutrition. Will has so much good information and he makes it simple to understand.  By the end of the conversation I had many more topics that we hadn’t gotten to cover in the short conversation time allotted. (You’ll hear me say at the end of the show how time just got away from us.) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in the future we can talk with Will again and share some of the other topics he knows so much about.  I’m dying to share a gardening vegan with you guys!

Show Notes

Everyone wants to be justified in eating french fries, onion rings, and pasta and still lose weight.  The thing is Will did just that following the Starch Solution- a whole foods, no oil, plan. (The same book that former guest High Carb Hannah lost weight from.) He went from 205lbs from 171lbs, losing the weight and keeping it off for the past few years. Will shares healthy, simple and delicious recipes on his website, Youtube, & instagram at Potato Strong.

In this episode Will shares why potatoes are key in weight loss, how having a narrow focus when thinking about nutrition can have an impact on health & weight loss, & why you might not be losing weight when you feel like you’re giving it 100%. All that plus so much more.

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