With the changes that season two of Live Planted brought, mainly the shorter episodes, there hasn’t been as much educational information being shared.  It’s great and fun to talk to guests and we can all learn something new from talking with different people, but there hasn’t been enough information sharing going on.  With the correct information you can make informed decisions on WHY you choose to be/stay/go vegan. I’ll still be primarily focused on talking with guests, but you’ll also see a few more informational episodes here and there. I want you guys to have all the information, not only for your own informed decision making, but also so that you’re prepared when people ask you the ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘what’ that comes with the territory of being vegan.

For in depth topic episodes Erin Sisson will be joining us.  Erin is great- we met through the show and a local vegan group.  She’s sharp as a tack, and fun to be around. She’s been on 2 previous episodes (ep 5, ep 25), and she always comes with a full outline.  She’s got all her notes typed with handwritten notes along side them, ready for the episode. That’s what I like about her- not only does she take the time to really flush out all of the information, but shes also highly qualified to talk about complex medical topics. Erin is a registered nurse, dietitian, diabetes educator and shes got a whole lot of letters tacked on the end of her name (medical letters, that is). I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing from her.

Show Notes

Recently I went to a speech Erin was giving on veganism.  One of the slides was on Paleo and it really got me thinking about the cross section between veganism and Paleo.  A lot of people qualify them both as ‘fad diets’ and see them as a temporary way to loose weight/become healthier/ etc.  The truth is veganism is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle, a whole mind set and has science behind it to prove that it not only helps your body, but also the earth and (most importantly) the animals. If vegamism is not a fad, then what is Paleo?

I wanted to get to the nitty gritty of Paleo today-what is it? What is the true information on the health aspect? In this episode we break down the ‘anti-nutrient’ foods that Paleo restricts, why people loose weight, why people feel better, and the truth behind what Paleo does to your body and the earth.

Find Erin Sisson:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vegan_rn_rd

Mentioned on the Show:
Debunking the Paleo Diet | Dr Christina Warinner | TEDxOU
Becoming Raw by Brenda Davis
Paleo Vegan by Ellen Jaffe Jones

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