Every time I talk with a different guest for the show, I’m always amazed at how easy it is to connect with people you’ve never met before.  It’s more than just the cheesy ‘connecting with people’ notion, it’s talking with people you find genuinely interesting and having a really nice conversation.

Jessica was kind enough to work out coordinating with me, she’s in Berlin and I’m in Ohio, so we have a 6 hour time difference.  When she’s winding down her day I’m beginning mine. Plus she has a brand new baby boy, Louie, making a twenty minute Skype chat a little more difficult. She’s honest and endearing, which shine through in the conversation. She’s the kind of person you want to tag along with to the farmers market (we’re both produce loving girls) and chat over coffee with.  Plus she’s the kind of person who signs off on her emails ‘wishing you a lovey day’, and seems to really mean it.

Listen to our conversation on episode #035- it’s filled with nuggets of information, positivity, and honesty, which makes up a really interesting podcast.

Show Notes

Jessica Prescott is the photographer, writer, and recipe creator behind the blog ‘Wholy Goodness’.  Jessica believes that vegan eating can be inclusive rather than exclusive- plants can unite us.  Fueled by her love of produce, Jessica’s recipe photos, with their scattered ingredients, have a beautiful, colorful and recognizable spin that’s all their own.

In this episode find out Jessica’s tips for taking good photos, why she started a blog without ever reading blogs before, and what lead her to have a positive home birth experience.

Find Jessica Prescott:
Vegan Goodness Cookbook
Website: http://www.wholygoodness.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wholygoodness/

Mentioned on the Show:
The new Chickpea Magazine both Jessica and I are in.

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