As the host and producer of the podcast it’s my job to find people that have unique stories to tell on the show.  Lets be honest- it’s so cool to be able to talk with people you admire from the internet.  When you book the guests yourself its easy to have a fan-girl moment every show. Laura is no different- I think her blog, ‘The First Mess’ is awesome! If you’ve ever been on pinterest then you will have come across one of her recipes- the photos are so beautiful they spread around like wild fire.

The thing about talking with these guests is that sometimes it can be intimidating.  I’ve read Laura’s blog and been a fan for a while now, but didn’t realize in my self serving recipe stalking how many awards and features she has.  As I started doing research for the episode I realized that her ‘press‘ includes Martha Stewart Living, The Kitchn, The Food Network, and BuzzFeed among others.  Plus she was nominated for ‘Best Food Blog’ in the Better Homes and Gardens 2016 Blog awards.  Talk about some high praise!

I was prepping for the episode and becoming a little nervous to talk to such an acclaimed plant based blogger. As soon as she picked up the call I was at ease.  Laura is every bit as nice as she seems through the interwebs. I felt as if I was talking with an old friend about family dinners, produce, and eating brown things on toast.  I’m so glad to share this wonderful lady with you on the podcast today!


Show Notes:

Laura Wright is the creator, writer, photographer, and chef behind the highly awarded food blog ‘The First Mess’. Laura believes eating plant foods keeps you connected to the earth.  In fact, she takes the notion of eating seasonally so strongly that the name of her blog, ‘The First Mess‘, is referring to the ‘first mess’ of peas in the early spring. Influenced by her family owned produce stand, this culinary school grad has a deep love of veggies which reflects in her awesome plant based recipes.  As icing on the cake, her tone, on her blog and in this conversation, makes you feel like you’re talking to a long lost friend.

In this episode find out what Laura recommends thinking about when creating plant based recipes, how she survived butchering lessons in culinary school, and why we should really use the hashtag #PutItOnToast when referring to this episode.

Find Laura Wright:
The First Mess Cookbook
The First Mess:

Mentioned on the show:
➜Vegan Cooking Challenge, Ginger Pear Oatmeal

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