Monique Koch of Brown Vegan is a unique type of person, when going vegan in 2010 she couldn’t find resources to help families navigate their way in a plant based world. She didn’t give up, she persevered finding her way through budgets, grocery shopping, and picky eaters. After feeling like she had it down pat, Monique then created the resources she was once looking for, for other families.

In this episode we discuss Monique’s ‘Down to Earth’ approach to veganism, how to stay on a budget, tips for parents with picky eaters, and whether or not she discussed the realities of cruelty with her kids. Monique is a real gem, she has so much information to share and shes really enthusiastic to share it. Whether you have a family pre/post transition, or you’re solo on this journey, you will definitely find yourself learning something from this episode.

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