Rainbow Bakery on Live Planted Podcast.

This week, we give you our keys to success for staying vegan and making it easy on yourself. Many people hear ‘vegan’ and they think restrictions, hard work, lettuce. We breakdown how to make it easy on yourself, how to curb cravings, and how and when to talk to others about your lifestyle.

In the second half, we chat with Matt and Lisa over at Rainbow Bakery in Bloomington Indiana. Hear their stories about how they started the bakery (from non baking backgrounds), how they recently ran a benefit for Uplands Peak Sanctuary (complete with cow cookies), and how they operate a regular bakery where everything just happens to be vegan.

Where to find Matt and Lisa of Rainbow Bakery:
Store Front: 201 S. Rodgers St Bloomington In
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rainbowbakery/
Twitter: twitter.com/baketherainbow
Website: rainbowbakery.net/

Mentioned on the Show:
➜Forks over Knives ‘7 Keys to Success on a Healthy Vegan Diet’:www.forksoverknives.com/7-tips-succee…y-vegan-diet/

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