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First, we share what items we use for cleaning as well as a few tips. Alyssa shares her grandmother’s homemade detergent recipe! It’s legit.

Then, hear our conversation with Candice Hutchings aka The Edgy Veg about business, carnivore approved vegan recipes, and tons more!

Find recipes, videos and more from Candice:


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2 thoughts on “#023- Vegan Cleaning Products and we chat with Candice Hutchings aka The Edgy Veg”

  1. This was a really great episode! Candice is really great to help vegans inspire non-vegans. You guys mentioned the flavor profiles and I thought maybe you’d be interested the “Vegetarian Flavor Bible” if you don’t know about it. It has every vegetable you could ever think of, the flavors that go well with it, and the best methods to prepare it. I highly recommend it!

    1. Hi Trica! Thanks for listening, Candice is really great for keeping it practical and making it attainable for non vegans and vegans alike. Who doesn’t like tacos? I’ll have to check out the Vegetarian Flavor Bible, I’ve heard of it before but haven’t read it. Requesting it from the library now! xox Alyssa

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